EU GDPR Education Programme

EU GDPR applies to organisations now
with the new financial penalties enforceable after 25th May 2018

We are a consortium of leading European Universities, agencies and industry to provide world wide qualifications for Global Data Protection Officers. Our EU-GDPR Education Programme is under the ERASMUS plus scheme fully backed by the European Union. These courses will provide DPO syllabuses for PhD, MSc, and Executive training aimed at board and senior management.

EU-GDPR now in force and many countries around the world adopting similar data protection regulations by 2020 there will be a world wide shortage of suitably qualified Data Protection Officers to fulfil the demand of commerce and industry. Our consortium is leading the field in EU-GDPR education to fill this demand and in providing a rewarding career for students with interest in cyber governance, risk, compliance and security.

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EU – GDPR is coming to your organisation very soon!

Data Protection has recently undergone a fundamental reappraisal with the enactment of the new European Union General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”). GDPR is not due to come fully into force until 25 May 2018, yet businesses which do not plan for it now will be severely disadvantaged. Whatever the final timetable for Brexit, or the nature of the agreement under which the United Kingdom leaves the European Union, UK businesses will still need to comply with GDPR.

The new legislation is radically different from what is currently in place. Instead of a notional transparency through registration and consent under the existing legislation; real transparency under the GDPR is achieved through a series of rights given to individuals. Examples of such individual rights are: the right to object to data collection and the right to be forgotten. This is backed up by much more extensive obligations on data controllers to provide information on request.

EU GDPR Strategy & Alignment Courses for 2017

Our data protection courses are the most practical courses available in the market today and aimed at making GDPR easy to understand, where your focus needs to be, and to dispel many of the myths and scare tactics now being used by vendors and consultants.

The duration of the course is two days, delegates can attend either the first day, GDPR principles, and/or the second day, technical processes and business alignment, depending on their current business processes, data protection and cyber risk & security knowledge.

The course is led by Dai Davis a renown IT lawyer and many years’ experience in data protection and the cyber security market. The second day is delivered by David Clarke and Russ Davis who focus on the real security processes implications of GDPR and the technical considerations that need to be scoped.

Our GDPR courses include in depth discussions of the following topics:

  • The obligation to consider privacy when designing an electronic system
  • The obligation to consider privacy by default
  • The obligation to notify breaches to the information commissioner
  • The obligation to notify breaches to an individual affected
  • Right: to object to data collection; to object to data profiling; to be forgotten; to data portability
  • A brief history of the Data Protection legislation
  • Discrepancies between UK and EU law
  • The effect of Brexit on Multinational companies operating in Europe
  • Cross-border access to data protected by GDPR
  • Data Mapping, Sharing, Use, Transfer, Geographical location
  • The need and role for a Data Protection Officer
  • The next steps you need to consider for a successful alignment programme to meet the GDPR requirements
  • State of the art solutions and appropriate measures to ensure compliance

Many people are aware of greater penalties under the GDPR that can be imposed for breaches. In addition to clarifying such penalties, our subject matter experts will spend as much time on the substantial commercial benefits that can be derived by our clients implementing the new legislation.

Why you should attend

Many organisations are now becoming aware of GDPR and are trying to get a steer on how to address the challenges, and yet for many, this is not even on their radar. GDPR is not just about privacy or data protection or legal implications; GDPR is about a business transformation leading to a completely new approach on how an organisation is responsible for protected and personal data that they process. GDPR is about harmonisation of the different data protection directives in each EU member state, and aligning data protection to the modern technology used by citizens today and the future. For organisations that fail to comply, there will be serious financial penalties in the way of a fine structure.

The course objective

Our GDPR Strategy & Alignment courses are designed for people who have already gained an awareness of this subject and now want to understand what this all means to them in practice. More importantly what actions they need to prepare for in the remaining short timeframe to May 2018. The course is led by subject matter experts who have been involved in GDPR from its conception and responsible for "real world" strategy and alignment programmes.

EU GDPR Strategy & Alignment Courses

2017 Courses are scheduled for the following dates based at in the City of London at TechUK and IET Savoy Place. Registration starts at 09:30 hrs and course finishes at 16:30 hrs. Lunch is provided and after the course free drinks are provided and a chance to network with other delegates.

Course Ref Date
GDAC01 Tue 27th June
GDAC02 Tue 15th August
GDAC03 Wed 16th August
GDAC04 Tue 5th September - FULL
GDAC05 Wed 6th September - FULL
GDAC06 Mon 2nd October
GDAC07 Tue 3rd October
GDAC08 Wed 15th November
GDAC09 Thu 16th November

The two-day course is priced at £795 plus vat. For delegates wanting to attend only a one day course the price is £495 plus vat. techUK members are subject to a 10% discount.

For more information and to book our training courses please get in touch with us at

EU GDPR Programme Preparation Courses

These courses are run twice per month from September 2017 and are designed to help organisations that need to act fast in setting up a GDPR Programme to meet the deadline of 25th May 2018.

Course Ref Date
GDPP01 Thu 14th September - FULL
GDPP02 Wed 27th September - FULL
GDPP03 Thu 12th October - FULL
GDPP04 Wed 25th October - FULL
GDPP05 Thu 9th November - FULL
GDPP06 Wed 22nd November - FULL
GDPP07 Thu 7th December - FULL
GDPP08 Tue 12th December

The course is priced at £495 plus vat. techUK members are subject to a 10% discount.

For more information and to book our training courses please get in touch with us at

Our Core Team

The EU-GDPR Education team consists of industry experts in Data Protection, GDPR, Information Governance, Risk and Compliance, IT Law and Legislation, IT Cyber Security design and Business transformation programmes. Being part of an academic programme, our consortium offers vital information and research from leading universities from around the world. This cross discipline including, academic, business, practical information systems and "real world" expertise provides the most focused group available in the market today.

Core Team biographies

Russ Davis

Russell is a global subject matter expert in information security, GDPR, data protection, technology and risk management with experience across Private, Public and the Third Sectors where he directed strategic programmes or projects to reduce operational risk, develop security technology solutions, or manage day-to-day operations of customer data protection and cross border data flows

Globally recognised with 24 years of professional experience across Private, Public and the Third Sectors effecting 206 countries; specializing in Information Assurance & Security, Data Protection, Cross-Border Data Flows, Audit Log and Forensics-including Litigation support; Biometric Identity Management; Co-author of the EU Data Protection & Privacy Best Practices Co-author US HIPAA; Leader for the EU Data Protection Directive 2010/2012T; Associate Professor, Postgraduate Thesis Advisor and Adjunct Lecturer; Sr. Regulatory Advisor regarding Litigation actions; Expert in data protection of Swiss and Singaporean cross-border data flows for Financial and Medical data;

Dai Davis

Dai Davis has been a specialist Information Technology lawyer for nearly thirty years.    Dai has a reputation as an IT Lawyer both nationally and internationally.  Indeed, Dai has been consistently recommended in Chambers & Partners and Legal 500 directories for most of the last two decades.  He has previously been national Head of Information Technology law at Eversheds and is a Freeman of the City of London through the WCIT (Worshipful Company of Information Technologists). Currently he is a non-executive director of FAST (The Federation Against Software Theft). 

Ian Wells

Over 30 years’ experience in military and defence C3I systems, and cyber security. Roles have included business development in major Cyber security companies including, PKI, IDM, application, network security, GRC and data protection. Also, offers over 5 years’ experience in project management deploying MPLS VPN networks, low latency networks and Business Continuity Planning, GDPR, ISAE3402/CoBit5 audits and GRC projects.

Ian heads up HighQuest Solutions' GDPR alignment programmes including awareness training and Programme management. HighQuest Solutions has developed special relationships with leading technology vendors to assist clients to meet the aims of GDPR and Cyber Security improvement programmes

David Clarke

David is an International Privacy and Information Security professional, specialising in GDPR, who has worked with Global FTSE 100 brand leading companies in Financial Service, Telecoms and cutting edge Technology companies providing vital leadership in information technology to secure and protecting $billions of valuable information. His career has focused on keeping ahead of an ever- changing world, helping organisations to evolve, innovate and comply with changing regulations whilst ensuring a viable ROI.

Giulia Iseppi

Giulia is responsible for the GDPR Education Program, with operational knowledge of the GDPR and its governance implications. She holds a LLM and a MSc Cybersecurity that gives her a fresh and strong perspective in Data Protection, Privacy Shield, Information Assurance, Criminology and Risk Management. She upholds connections and lifelong training with the Academic and Private Sector, ensuring the application of best practices and cutting-edge research for Applied Security.

Neil Ramsden

Over 20 years’ experience as a Commercially focused senior IT leader with a successful track record in robust, executive training, programme and project delivery in complex environments, ensuring it is managed using best practice methodology and adheres to the correct governance framework. Experienced at co-ordinating multiple concurrent work streams, managing interdependencies between projects, and monitoring issues and risks, and delivery of benefits. He is a qualified GDPR Practioners with experience in managing GDPR compliance programmes.

Tony Seymour

Tony Seymour is a senior consultant with significant experience in risk management, computer security, communications and financial applications.   He has strong industry knowledge of Risk Management, Data Protection, GDPR, DR and Business Continuity, PKI and Identity Management. Tony has developed policies, ISO PKI security financial standards and has been involved in accrediting to WebTrust (PKI) and ISO27001. Tony has worked with Tscheme on UK Government Identity Assurance projects.

Dr. Christopher Richardson

The course's academic direction and leadership is under Christopher Richardson

Dr. Richardson is the Academic Director and Principle Investigator coordinating the EU GDPR Education programme across the 17 Global Partner Universities. In this role, he provides the ISO 17034 Accredited education assurances to enable issuance of globally recognised CEP credits and the inter-university student exchange programmes under the ERASMUS+, RISE and COST -H2020 Education programme initiatives.

On-going learning and support

GDPR is coming soon, but well after the 25 May 2018, organisations will still need ongoing support in the subject of Data Protection and Compliance. To meet the ongoing training and support we offer a CPE Nano Learning environment so that organisations can remain fully briefed about all market developments.

Our training services include ISO 17034 Accredited Live CPE classes; Self-study using our Nano training platform; and industry leading Webinars. Our ERASMUS+ programme, in conjunction with leading global academic universities, will provide DPO syllabuses for training aimed at BOD, senior management and individuals seeking to obtain a PhD or MSc in Global Information Governance and Data Protection.

Our Nano learning platform is cloud-based, accessible anywhere, anytime, on any device and offers:

  • Highly targeted content; covers a single objective
  • Course content designed to be 5 to 15 minutes long
  • Self-contained; offers small nuggets of information
  • Responsive; can be viewed on a range of devices
  • Easy to find
  • Multimedia; include text, video, sound, and images

Nano-learning helps us cut out all the noise and just focus on what matters. The learning is meant to be quick, sometimes as little as a minute and never over 15 minutes. We take content that was originally all bunched together and break it out into separate "quick-hit" courses. Users can access this content on their own and take it at their own pace, never being overwhelmed or worn down.

The Nano-learning strategy is a seamless parallel to your training needs for just-in-time information, allowing users to learn a specific area, when they need it. With Nano-learning, participation, retention, and satisfaction in training is all improved. We expect users to be even more engaged with our learning courses, and executing more effectively because of our Nano-learning initiatives.

Partnership with HighQuest Solutions Limited

The EU-GDPR Education consortium operates in partnership of HighQuest Solutions. HighQuest Solutions provides both GDPR expertise and technical solutions to enable organisations align with GDPR compliance as well as general cyber security improvement programmes. Our services include subject matter experts in the field of Data Protection and Privacy, many are co-authors of the GDPR, they provide a valuable consultancy and advisory service focused to meet the GDPR businesses needs in Healthcare, Government, Law, Telecoms, Defence and Finance markets. They have worked with various ICO offices on the Directive/Act, while other team members have worked for major corporations implementing these requirements on a global scale. This complex subject, important to all businesses, can be made practical by means of their experience in the subject.

HighQuest Solutions is a member of techUK see,

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